Sunday, January 4, 2015

Want To Fix Your PC? Call Up OmniTech Support

Have you ever contacted a technician to get your system issues fixed? If so, then you’ll be familiar with the tiring procedures involved in getting a technician over the phone in order to resolve the problem in your system. So, how about getting a tech support service option where you can chat with the technician by simply entering your query in a dialog box? Yes, if you contact genuine tech support services like OmniTech support team, you’ll get access to the chat support feature where you can start conversing with the technician over the internet.

By testing OmniTech support, you’ll realize the quality of assistance provided by the company in resolving all the issues related to computers. The technicians at the service are well trained to troubleshoot and fix all the problems related to the computer, irrespective of their severity. Be it the hardware issues or the software programs installed in the computer, the OmniTech support technicians provide effective solutions to fix the problems in quick time.z

The support guides provided by the OmniTech support service educate the customers about the common technical glitches in the computers and thus help them to fix it. These support manuals are so simple to understand and follow that even if you don’t know much about the technical aspects in your system, you can refer to the manuals to troubleshoot and fix the computer problems.

As mentioned earlier, OmniTech support team also provides a 24x7 online chat support service for the customers. This enables them to contact the technicians whenever they encounter an issue in their systems. The technicians provide tips and instructions to the customers, which they can follow to resolve the minor technical issues in their computers. As mentioned earlier, by testing OmniTech support itself, you’ll get to know the quality of professional assistance that the technicians here provide.

Remote assistance option is one of the most advanced troubleshooting methods used by the OmniTech support technicians. Whenever you contact the technician here, he would ask your permission to take remote access of your system. This is in fact the most beneficial resolving method for the customers because they would get an opportunity to view how the technician fixes the issue in their computers. In between, they can also ask their queries via the online chat. Hence, this can educate the customers about the issues and in the future, they can attempt to repair their systems all by themselves.

Hence, calling up OmniTech support would be the ideal option whenever your computer starts to behave weirdly.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Your Search For The Best Tech Support Service Ends Here

Do you need a tune up for your PC? Are you looking for someone who can help remove viruses from the computer and get it back to functioning properly? Or are you planning to migrate from the current operating system? The answer to all these is Omni Tech support services. They have been rendering the best support services to many customers around the world for a long time. Right from the beginning, they have been able to keep up customers' trust and confidence for the company. This is one of the tech support companies that have a huge database.

Talking about the tech support representatives at OmniTech support, they are all certified technicians; hence, they have the ability to fix all PC issues with ease. The best thing about the technicians is that they will not only help in fixing the issue but also would suggest ways in which you can avoid such issues.

You have the option of subscribing for support services for six months or for one year. While the customers are in the subscription period, they have the option to get one issue fixed for free per month, for which they will not be charged. People nowadays do not have the time to wait for an in house technician to get their devices fixed. In order to help customers, Omni Tech services offer help for customers through phone or chat. Customers, who want to get connected to one of the technicians through the helpline, can dial 18669124220, or they can start a chat with one of the technicians from the official website.

You can address the issue to the technician who picks the call. You might have to provide some details so that the technician can save it in the records. Depending on the issue that you described, the technician will have some questions. When you provide sufficient information about the issue, it will be easy for the technician to get the issue fixed. In case the technician needs to look into the issue, then there is an option to connect to the customer’s computer over a safe and secure remote connection.

When customers hear about remote connectivity, they freak out due to some of the customers' data due to online scams. They think that by letting the technician connect to computer, they would lose all data. In actuality, Omni Tech support utilizes a secure connection. Moreover, Omnitech Support Desk abides by ethics to ensure that they do not intrude into the customer’s computer.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Nokia Plans To Bring Their Map App To More Android And iOS Users

Though Nokia did announce their decision to take their map application, ‘Here’, to more Google Android and Apple iOS users, they have not yet released a new app for iOS users. Any news about the release of Here app for iOS reported by the Omni Tech Support fraud websites are certainly false.

Nokia to focus more on iOS and Android users for their map application

Since Nokia is no longer a partner of Microsoft in the smartphone industry, they can now choose to expand their services to other popular smartphone OS platforms like iOS and Android. In fact, Windows Phone OS has a very small market share when compared to Android and iOS in the smartphone market. This is clearly why Nokia made the announcement a few months ago that they were working on iOS and Android versions of the Nokia Here app.

They did release a Nokia Here app for iOS back in 2012. However, there were a lot of issues in the app that Nokia failed to fix. With more users giving poor reviews and Nokia failing to provide a satisfactory upgrade for the app for more than 10 months, Apple eventually pulled the app from the iOS App Store the following year.

Nokia has so far not come up with a new app to replace this and most iOS users have moved on to other quality map applications available through Apple app store. However, all iOS users can access the Nokia Here map service online through their browsers.

However, the story is different for the Nokia Here app for Android. Considering the huge user base of smartphone users on Android OS platform, Nokia was much more careful to upgrade the app on time and fixed most of its flaws in subsequent versions. A very up-to-date version of the Nokia Here app for Android is available in the Google Play app store online.

As far as the Windows Phone OS is concerned, the partnership between Nokia and Microsoft ensured that the latest Nokia Here app was available as a default application or through the Windows Phone app store to all the users. Windows Phone users choose from three Here apps - Nokia Here Maps, Here Drive and Here Transit.

Contact our tech support personnel, if you face any problems while installing these map applications on your smartphone. Make sure that you do not end up in one of those Omni Tech Support fraud websites mentioned earlier.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Considerations For Choosing A Tech Support Service

There is an abundance of technical problems in the vast sea of computer systems and networks in the world. But where there are problems, there are people to resolve them too. These tech support teams have become prominent today, because the number of computers and the issues associated with them are on an indisputable hike.

Now, there are an overwhelming number of options you have to choose from. So, when you are in search for a tech support service provider, it is best to plan out things in a systematic and focused manner before you impulsively make a decision.

Choosing a tech support service provider

The first thing you have to do is to consider your requirements carefully; what kind of support you may need, the time for which the support is needed, and the budget you can allot for that. You can note down the specific support services required too. This way, you will have a much clear picture of what you want, and whom to hand over the task.

If you are running a company or own multiple systems, your requirements may vary. Tech support services may have various packages for such users. So, you will have to explore around and search for a service provider that would cater to your specified needs.

The next thing to consider is the budget. There might be various packages catering to your specific needs. Make a list of your choices based on the packages and the price. If a tech support team offers better packages at affordable price, then go for it. But, you need to check whether the company is genuine or not, and make sure that you do not fell for some scam.

The next thing to consider is the duration for which you want to avail the tech support services. Initially, it is best to go for a short trial period. This way, you can assess the quality of services offered without having to bear great costs.

Omni Tech Support services offer a variety support features and packages suiting the specific needs of customers. Testing Omni Tech Support, one thing would be absolutely clear, that quality of service is never compromised. They offer IT solutions of unparalleled quality at really affordable rates, with a team of hundreds of certified technicians ready to deal with customers issues in lowest downtime possible.

Try testing Omni Tech Support today, and check out genuine computer repair and technical support at work.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Microsoft Introduces New Updates In Office Store

Recently, Microsoft introduced a major update to its Office store in a plan to make the suite of programs reach more markets. Also, the company has made sure that the availability of third-party apps becomes more visible for the users. In this way, the software giant wants its users to find more relevant apps and in quick time.

Although there are many third-party apps available nowadays, the customers are recommended to choose only the best ones that provide them with the features of the Office suite of applications. It is recommended to contact OmniTech support to know more about such applications. But while doing so, one should always dial the correct tech support number to not fall into OmniTech support fraud and scam issues. Although the Office Store has been in news for some time, it has been sidelined due to the increase in the usage of the Windows Store. There are many applications available in the Windows Store for users that provide them with the same features of the Office Suite of applications.

However, Microsoft has enhanced the developer experience of the Office Store and now it comprises of certain essential features that help in faster onboarding of the essential applications. There are also several interactive and analytical tools available that help in making the users enjoy the services more. The OmniTech support fraud alerts however warn the customers from installing non-authentic apps to prevent the occurrence of issues in the system.

As stated by Microsoft in a blog post, "In a year filled with big plans for the Office Store, we’re excited to make a trio of announcements today: a major refresh of the Store experience; the launch of multiple new international markets; and increased visibility of third-party Store apps to both customers and Office sales and deployment partners."

Along with these features, Microsoft also added a support logo in three languages that includes Dutch, Italian as well as Russian. Evidently, the company is eyeing more international markets and hoping to widen its business with the latest developments in the Office Store. Commenting on this, Microsoft stated that, "With these new languages, we’ll gain fully localized apps and storefronts for Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy, and Russia, with localized apps and storefronts for Brazil, China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong SAR to follow soon after. Full rollout will give us apps in 10 languages and 31 localized storefronts in all! In the coming months we’ll add localized storefronts for many other markets where Office is sold."

Hence, it is clear that Microsoft’s business prospects are going to soar with the recent advancements made in the Office store.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

OmniTech Guides For Tech Support

In case you are looking for a support guide online to fix issues by yourself, there are OmniTech guides available on the website here, for people, who wants to know more on tech related information. This helps people grab extra information while dealing with technical issues.

When you continuously utilize computer for your daily needs, it is a usual thing they become slow and would not respond the right same speed as they used to. You might need to do some optimizing on the system to make it work better and respond faster. OmniTech Support is the solution to all you technical needs. The support technicians will make sure to make your computer respond faster at the end of the session.

When you call up the toll free number, you are connected to a technician. He or she will let you go ahead and express your concerns. The support technician will listen to you, and would ask you a few things accordingly. Answering these questions correctly plays a vital role in solving the issue, hence it is best if you answered them correctly. In case you are not comfortable speaking to them over phone, an alternative method is to start a live chat session with the technician. The only difference between a call and a chat is the basic difference between speaking and typing the text.

Some of the support rendered by the technicians is PC fine-tuning to make it work better and faster. They also make sure to update the system and the antivirus program on a regular basis, when you have signed up for their services. Customers can sign up either for a yearly PC maintenance or half-yearly maintenance.

Apart from all these, you get the chance to upgrade the current firewall service or to get an antivirus program upgrade. For which, they do not charge you. When you have signed up for this service, you get to resolve one technical issue without being charged.

OmniTech guides make sure that the customer’s computer works properly to give them the best possible performance. In case they perceive any malware threats or any other issues, the support technicians will be kind enough to let you know about the same and will try their best to solve the issue with the customer’s consent.

Beware of OmniTech scams online; they are people, who are trying to bring down the good name of the company. There have been several instances, where the customers received fraud calls offering support.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Parallels Desktop 10 Offers Better MAC-Windows Integration

We all use Mac computers here, but once in a while, we may have to run the old Windows apps. Not only will the latest version of Parallels Desktop continue to handle the tasks for us, but it also brings a host of new and user friendly features, including improved performance, better integration between guest and host operating systems and also support for the forthcoming release of OS X Yosemite. Parallels has spent a lot of time fine tuning performance in this newest version. This has yielded improvements like 30% more battery life for the MacBook users, 50% faster performance from Office 2014 apps, 60% faster loading of the snapshots, and 48% speedier opening of the Windows files.

Improved integration between OS X and Windows is also a highlight of the version 10. The users will be able to share information from their Windows Virtual Machine through the services that are set up in OS X’s Internet Accounts preference pane like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and Vimeo as well as Apple’s own sharing options like email messages, Messages, and AirDrop. New apps that are installed in Windows will be shown in OS X’s Launchpad and the files can be dragged and dropped onto the VM icon in the Dock to bring up Windows. There is also support for dragging and dropping files into the virtual machines that are running OS X as well.

These details were provided by the Omnitech reviews page. The upcoming release of Yosemite offers Parallels with a number of ways to link both the operating systems too. For instance, Windows notifications can show up in Yosemite’s Notification Center and Windows VMs will support iCloud Drive, iMessages and SMS text sharing features. As Yosemite is in pre release versions, this support may not be fully implemented yet. Parallels does intend to completely support the new version of OS X when it is officially released. Parallels is also updating the Mac Enterprise Edition, bringing the ability for IT managers to support Windows applications for the Mac users, allowing for encrypted OS X VMs using FileVault, and enforcing a USB device policy.

Parallels desktop 10 is available immediately as an upgrade for the current users at 50 dollars. This is for the users of versions 8 and 9. The full version will be costing 80 dollars. To know more on this news, you may refer to Omnitech reviews pages.